Laser treatment

Coastal Plastic Surgery is now offering treatment with the cutting edge Excel V laser system which provides fast, safe and effective treatment for patients with a broad range of skin conditions including broken facial capillaries, rosacea, diffuse redness and pigmentation.  The system contains various wavelength modes, allowing the delivery of both short pulses for superficial blemishes such as small lesions and skin discolouration, and long pulses for deeper vascular conditions like leg veins.

The number of treatments vary for individual patients. Medicare rebates may be available for certain conditions.

Common conditions treated with Excel V include:

  • Rosacea — a common disorder that mainly affects skin on the face.  While it is typically characterised by harmless cosmetic symptoms such as redness in the face, some patients also complain of heating or discomfort when they flush. Triggers of rosacea episodes can include strenuous exercise, temperature extremes, alcohol and spicy foods.

  • Cherry Angioma — small red bumps that appear spontaneously on the skin. They typically appear in middle age and will proliferate.  Non-laser treatment of cherry angiomas includes cryosurgery and electrosurgery.

  • Telangiectasia — tiny broken blood vessels that are permanently fixed in the dilated state. While they usually do not present a medical issue, they do create a cosmetic concern as they can take on the appearance of fine red lines coursing through the surface of the facial skin.

  • Port wine stain — a type of red or purple birth mark made of dilated blood capillaries. They often appear on the face and do not fade unless they are treated.  Non-laser treatment of port wine stains has included radiation, freezing and surgery, often resulting in pain and scarring.

Coastal Plastic Surgery offers a complimentary consultation to assess your skin goals. Contact us today to find out more.